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SPIDERS- Many kinds invade homes, basements and roof overhangs from outdoors.

Two species most dangerous come from Tennessee:

Black Widow: dark black spider with red hour glass shape on bottom of abdomen. More of an outdoor pest along perimeter of buildings. Use outside perimeter treatment with residuals.

Brown Recluse, light brown spider, with legs reaching to the size of a quarter or half dollar, dark violin shape on back of front portion of head, 3 pairs of eyes arranged in a semi-circle. Brown recluse pose a serious threat. Quite often a professional pest control company should be used. Remove unnecessary clutter and webs from indoors and outdoors and vacuum especially, under furniture.


Beneficial organisms because they feed on pest insects. Occasional invaders that can be vacuumed or swept out the door. Remove wood or mulch piles away from house to lower abundance of their insect food source. Apply insecticides to crawl spaces, basements, attic, eaves and outdoor areas of home. Clean up debris where scorpions and spiders hide. Replace outdoor lights with yellow bug lights. Efforts to control brown recluse will cause spiders to become more active. Prevent bites by checking shoes and clothing before wearing, by pulling beds away from walls, and preventing bed skirting and bedspreads from touching the floor. Place glue boards under bed posts.

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