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German Cockroach- About 5/8" in length, pale brown or tan with 2 parallel dark streaks on pronotum. Usually most abundant in the kitchen and bathrooms.


Brown Banded or Furniture Cockroach- 1/2" to 5/8" in length, dark brown with 2 pale bands traversing wings. Widely distributed throughout the house in walls, closets, furnishing, in appliances, but abundant in kitchens. 


Oriental Cockroach- 1 1/4" in length, dark reddish-brown to black, wings do not surpass end of abdomen. Usually found in lower floors, outdoors or in crawl space. Frequents water meters, floor drains or moist, dark areas. 


American Cockroach- 1 1/2" in length, reddishbrown with pale yellow band around pronotum. May be found throughout house, outdoors, in crawl spaces, sewers, water meters and garbage cans. 


Smokybrown Cockroach-1 to 1 1/2 inches, uniform, very dark brown to black; head shield is a solid, dark color. Takes harborage in moist, warm and dark places like tree holes, mulches, soffits in attics with poor ventilation. 


Prevent access to food, water and shelter. Practice good sanitation in food handling, storage and eating areas. Control moisture, prevent leaks or condensation. Seal off harborage sites such as cracks and crevices with caulk, etc. Also use exclusion practices to prevent cockroach movement. Use glue boards or sticky traps placed along edges in dark places to locate and monitor cockroach populations. Baiting is the preferred method for cockroach control. Apply baits to cracks, crevices, pipe opening into walls, joints of furniture and cabinets, pipe conduits, and elsewhere as indicated by glue board catches. If you chose to spray, use precautions to keep chemicals out of food, spices, and off dishes or eating utensils. Do not apply sprays where electrical shorts may occur; use baits or dusts in these areas. Do not use sprays when baiting because cockroaches may be repelled from the baits. Read label carefully; some products may not be labeled for food handling areas. 

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