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We provide you with the clearest, cleanest, most sparkling pool in town! Our SUPERIOR services include the essential needs for keeping your pool in pristine condition!

Full Service 

Our most popular service!  Weekly visit inludes netting for debris, tile brushing, vacuuming, brushing surfaces, filter/pump basket cleaning, skimmer basket cleaning, water/chemical balancing.

This service is also available twice a week for an additional cost.

Weekly visit where we test and balance water, add needed chemicals.

Chemical Only Service

Turn that green, murky swamp back into a crystal blue, sparkling swimming pool.

Start Up  Service

Works like magic!  Makes stains and algae disappear with a muriatic acid bath.

Acid Wash

Pumps and motor replacement, pool filters replaced, pool heaters replaced/installed, pool lights repaired, leak investigations and repair, salt systems repaired, time clock repair and replacement.

Pool and Spa Repair

We take care of your home like it's our own!!

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